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We are proud members of the T.E.A.M. Education Trust where 'Together Everyone Achieves More'
Our school mission: Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential.
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Policies & Statements

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please contact us.


As members of the TEAM Education Trust, we work to the policies set out by our Trust.  Where there is a need for a variation from the policies, we prepare a Statement of Policy Practice which is agreed by our Local Governing Board.  

Cultural Values & Equality Objectives and Action Plan 2022-2023 

Stubbin Wood School have been actively involved in the development of the TEAM Education Trust Equality Objectives.  Our approach for the year ahead is tailored directly to meet the needs of our learners. 


TEAM Education Trust Cultural Values & Equality Objectives 

To promote personal development through spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through a rich range of curricular opportunities, with particular reference to issues of global, national and local equality and diversity 


To engage with and work alongside parents, carers and guardians to create an environment where learning reaches beyond the classroom with a series of informal and formal meetings and interactive events. 

To promote active listening to ensure that students listen to understand both themselves and others.  Each day, the schools are to have a 3 minute listening activity each day. 

To increase the volume of pupil voice by extending our school council to include a fair representation of all pupils in school and to develop this so that all Trust schools can operate in a shared culture of unity and belonging 



Stubbin Wood School recognises the importance of the Trust’s Cultural Values & Equality Objectives and will be working to the four themes outlined above with three key actions over the following year. This is intended to provide the keystone on which further work can be developed. 


By reducing the barriers to communication, students will be able to access SMSC development and encourage active listening. By fostering good relationships between learners with SEND and their peers, we will enrich the value of pupil voice whilst enabling access for all pupils and visitors will facilitate engagement with parents, carers and guardians to support learning beyond the classroom. 


These milestones will be reviewed. 



Equality Objectives  


Milestone 1  

Milestone 2  


To remove barriers to communication by increasing access to signs and symbols for those children and families who need it. 

  • Increase staff training to include Makaton sign language 

  • Review staff training needs 

  • Consult with parents through regular workshops as restrictions lift/parents have increased access to site. 

  • Audit completed 

  • Staff training on signs and symbols planned 

  • Review of equipment and resources completed.  

  • Parent survey completed to provide evidence of impact and use 

  • Pupil survey completed to demonstrate positive impact 

  • Quality of education demonstrates increased engagement in lessons and progress in books. 


To foster good relationships between learners with SEND and their peers through an enhanced PSHE programme, with a particular focus on protected characteristics.  

  • Gather learners’ views on perceptions of their peers 

  • Review of the PSHE curriculum to ensure planned opportunities to promote protected characteristics 

  • Review of behaviour incidents as a baseline for improvement. 

  • Revised PSHE curriculum in place 

  • Staff training to raise awareness of the PSHE developments and protected characteristics 

  • A link governor identified to hold leaders to account for improved PSHE curriculum. 

  • Lesson observations show increased emphasis in PSHE lessons on the promotion of protected characteristic 

  • Discussions with pupils show increased awareness 

  • Behaviour analysis completed and show improved empathy to each other. 


To enable access for all pupils and visitors to all areas of the building, including outside learning areas – development of the civic character curriculum 

  • Identify a parent working group to evaluate physical access to all areas 

  • Devise a costed plan to identify physical barriers to access and incorporate identified actions into SDP. 

  • Working group have met and identified the areas for improvement with Senior leaders 

  • Pupil voice completed with a focus on physical access 

  • Governors have approved costed plan. 

  • All school documentation is updated with the revised improvements (e.g. accessibility policy, SEN Information Report, information for visitors). 

Person responsible:  


To view the TEAM Education Trust Equality Objectives, please click here