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Introduction to Internships & Apprenticeships

Unfortunately, the early moments of the presentation given by Donna Deane of ASK Apprenticeships was cut off, but this is a great introduction to the opportunities afforded to young people with SEND who are keen to experience the world of work - through internships and apprenticeships.  Please do watch it through to the end when Donna explains about selecting employers who are 'Disability Confident' - it's really great advice!

Please click here to watch the film.

Source: Information Evening for Students & Parents, 3 March 2021


An apprenticeship is a genuine job and under all circumstances an apprentice will be employed from day one. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. An apprentice will work alongside experienced staff, gain job-specific skills, earn a wage and get holiday pay – be given time for study related to their role (the equivalent of one day a week).


Internships: Some students benefit from a period working on an Internship.  These can be for a period of two weeks to six months and give the student a fabulous opportunity to understand the business/industry and decide if it's right for them.  Internships are not paid.


The ‘go-to’ website to find out more about apprenticeships and vacancies near to where you live is the National Apprenticeship Service

Helping to help your child make their choices about Internships & Apprenticeships

For some children, progressing to college isn't the right option.  There is lots of information available to help you and we recommend that you look at the Amazing Apprenticeships website by clicking this link,

Disability Rights UK

The Disability Rights UK website offers support in pursuing your apprenticeship and training goals.


For more information, Disability Rights UK have prepared a downloadable document to give comprehensive advice on guidance on how to apply for an apprenticeship or how to get help/support when you are in a job.  Click here to see the document.